Hello & Welcome to Pavlistyle!

My name is Pavla, but everyone calls me Pavli (I know, confusing, my mom is to blame!) it’s a shorter version of Pavlinka and sounds so much better than Pavla, don’t you think so?

PavliStyle as a place where my passion for style, people, digital marketing, food and travel meet. It started as a personal blog about fashion but evolved into a destination where I share my personal journey of balancing a successful career in digital marketing and passion for style and everything else that catches my eye in-between together with stories of other interesting & passionate people I meet every day.

My vision is to inspire other smart people around the world that are pulled by the entrepreneurial spirit to do or create something they LOVE! I actually created a brand SLOVAK POWER to keep spreading the power we all have within us!

pavlistyle slovak power

pavlistyle slovak power

I have to admit, balancing these two worlds brings with it many challenges but also satisfaction, fulfilment and hey, it’s fun!

Love Pavli x

Hit me up if you have a story you would like to share at pavlistyle@me.com!