Palazzo Cerami – The Oasis in the Centre of Catania, Sicily

I’ve been waiting for a few days away since March when our first attempt to fly to Catania failed miserably. Without going into too much detail we simply couldn’t land due to a thick fog and after 4 hours on the plane had to return to Malta. Yep, shit happens.

It wouldn’t be all that bad if I could just go home and forget about it, but as you probably know, life isn’t that simple. Our accommodation booking couldn’t be cancelled so we could either pay it in full or re-book for another date. Guess what we did….

Weekend Getaway in Catania

Catania isn’t probably a destination you would think of for a summer getaway but if you’re in the middle of decorating an apartment and your main goal is to visit IKEA and at the same time you’re after a few days away from the routine, Catania is a winner!

We stayed at Palazzo Cerami, beautiful boutique hotel  build in the 18th century recently renovated keeping it’s original features right in the centre of Catania. We just couldn’t get enough of the room! It was such a pretty and comfortable place we didn’t feel like leaving and I wouldn’t lie if I said we spent most of the time inside! I especially admired the original ceilings, doors and floors while listening to chirping birds. It was incredibly quiet area considering we are right in the centre of the city.

Breakfast was another unique experience. As the saying goes, it’s about the presentation and this breakfast room looked like we just walked into a fairytale. I don’t need to mention that all the Sicilian delicatessen were there including these sugar coated, chocolate filled pastries with strawberries, home made lemon cake and chocolate brownies, I had them all! Who cares about sugar on holiday, right?! My boyfriend on the other hand couldn’t stop eating all sorts of Arancini.

Between breakfast and sleeping in the room we didn’t really do much besides enjoying short walks in the city, lunching in the sun and sipping on a few Aperol Spritz while discovering local cafes and dinner places. It was one super relaxing weekend getaway I would recommend to any couple 🙂


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