How Influencer Marketing Kills Traditional Commercials

Words by Tia from Systemato

There are many reasons marketers are shifting their ads from TV to digital – but both seem to be experiencing the same kind of issues.

As digital ads become more widespread on various social media platforms, users have become accustomed to ignoring them or swiping them away – with many going as far as installing ad blockers.

But there is one type of marketing strategy which has, so far, engaged users in a way that TV commercials and digital ads no longer can. Influencer marketing ensures your ads are pointing in the right direction, and come in the form of content which is respected and appreciated by potential clients.

The content is the ad

Social media users demand and enjoy the content their favourite influencers post.

Much like viewers are used to waiting for the TV commercials to end, in order for their programmes to resume – users are now waiting eagerly on their influencers to post content. Content which could just as well be an ad for your brand.

The clothing brand Fashion Nova has taken full advantage of this fact, and grown almost entirely due to its aggressive influencer marketing. Kylie Jenner, whose account is one of the most followed on Instagram (97.5M and counting, was central to their strategy.

Obsessed with my new @fashionnova jeans 🍑Get them at 😍 #ad

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Increased efficiency

Smart brands no longer waste money on expensive TV commercials which are less likely to accurately target their audience anyway.

Ever since ads have gone digital, they have increased in viewability and became even more skippable – resulting in wasted money on skipped ads every time.

With influencer marketing, on the other hand, the content and the ad are one in the same – ensuring your brand/product is always seen and none of your money is wasted.

Influencer marketing can revolutionise your business! Don’t miss the opportunity and get in touch with me to get started!


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