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Let me start by saying that my skin is probably as complicated as the world’s current political situation with Trump and his tweets sending everyone to ‘fight or flight’ mode. That’s my everyday skin situation. A perfect example of oily skin type. To keep it under control can really feel like a battle sometimes. It goes something like this: reduce access oiliness but at the same time make sure the skin doesn’t go too dry. Easy, right?

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Photography by Jacob Sammut

Living in this skin for 32 years and going through numerous trial and error periods using different products I learned how to control it with the right ones.

During my visit to Denmark last summer for the Copenhagen Fashion Week I was really impressed and inspired by this country’s approach to sustainability and use of organic products and clothes. It’s basically a norm there. Since then I shifted my habits and started buying more and more products made from organic or natural materials.

Getting close with Collistar Natura

I recently got my hands on the latest product range by Italian leader in cosmetics – Collistar known for high-quality products called Collistar Natura. I was especially interested to try these unique products due to the fact that 95% is based on natural ingredients from the most precious foods in combination with  Italian Stevia extract.

There is Extraordinary Infusion-Cream packed with mineral salt, essential fatty acids, proteins, vitamin A, C and E and a gold mine – papaya – known as a skin revitalizer and antioxidant. The cream is pastel green and has this sweet yet fresh smell you want to keep breathing all day long. It has a very light texture and absorbs super quickly making my skin feel smooth yet strong and ready to fight free radicals.

When I see my skin needs a more intense treatment, especially after a day on the beach, I use Precious Essence-Oil that includes Avocado oil, vitamins A and E, Sweet Almond Oils and Stevia extract. With just a few drops it regenerates and repairs my skin looking brighter and vital again.

pavlistyle collistar beauty
Photography by Jacob Sammut

Probably the most interesting product is the Transforming Essential Cream that can be used alone or transformed into a personalized treatment adding a natural ingredient like olive oil, yogurt, sugar, honey or lemon. It comes with a small glass bowl and spatula. This cream contains luxurious plant butters and Stevia extract to moisturize the skin and Quinoa extract to keep it smooth and firm. For now I’ve been using the cream alone but can’t wait to transform it into a purifying face-mask by adding 1 teaspoon of lemon juice or 1/2 spoon of honey for revitalizing mask.

I’ve been using these products for about 3 weeks now and I just love how my skin feels and smells every morning and before I go to sleep. I was positively surprised how quickly all of these products absorb and even though they are based on oily extracts my skin is fresh and smooth. The Collistar Natura line is ideal for all ages and all skin types. Give it a try and see for yourself!


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