My name is Pavla, but everyone calls me Pavli (it’s the shorter version of Pavlinka) which is where the name of my website came about a few years ago.

PavliStyle is a place where my passion for digital marketing and style meet. It started as a personal blog about fashion but evolved into a destination where I share my journey of balancing a successful career in digital marketing and passion for style.

I love to inspire other smart women that are pulled by the entrepreneurial spirit to do or create something they love by sharing successful stories of influencers around the world!

Balancing these two worlds brings with it many challenges but also satisfaction, fulfilment and hey, it’s fun!

If you are interested in collaboration or would like to work with other influencers please email me on


Love P x


I am passionate about social media and influencer marketing, support sustainability, love Malta and Danish style!



Lifestyle blog about balancing successful career & passion for fashion & style.

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