Create Your Own Bali Vibes Right Where You Are

Words by Sab Mulligan

If you desire freedom, crave compassion and are hungry to unleash your unique self I confidently encourage you to book your ticket to beautiful Bali, only thing, word of warning – you might not want to come back. If, on the other hand, you can’t get away, do not fear, here’s are seven ways you can create your own Bali vibes and experience the same magic right in your home. 

1. Introduce Rituals

The Balinese all practice the same morning, afternoon and bedtime rituals and we can do the same. Create your very own collection of rituals, wake up at the same time each morning, start your day with a meditation or go for a quick walk. Opt for warm lemon water before your first coffee craving kicks in. Before bed, take the time to treat yourself to a mini facial or a home foot massage, spend less time in front of your monitor and more time reading a good book. Smell lavender before you dose of to dream land – it won’t take you more than 30secs so darling – no excuse, this is something you can do no matter how super busy you are.  Repeat these new habits until they become your rituals and create your piece of heavenly bliss. Take the time to love yourself because you’re amazing. 

2. Invest in a juicer

Just like our islands, Bali is a sunny island and keeping dehydrated is a must. All restaurants and bars there include delicious nutritious smoothies on their menu – drinks that will immediately spike your energy levels and make you feel like you’re ready to conquer what’s next on your agenda. Invest in a juicer, and make your own morning or after work juices that will pump up your energy and make you feel like a goddess. You’ll find yourself glowing – guaranteed. 

3. More beach time

I’ve realized that the majority of us don’t enjoy our gorgeous beaches as much as we should. Pop over to the beach for an unexpected visit, meet friends for a drink on the sand or go for a stroll by the water’s edge. The beach mood will bring out your inner hippie and give you a sense of freedom, it’s invigorating to say the least.  

4. Regular spa dates

In Bali women are addicted to self-love practices, massages are not an indulgence but a requirement, the Balinese go to the spa three or four times a week – ‘lucky them’ I assume you’re thinking. Well, I get it. This is challenging for most of us, especially because we typically go to a spa for a whole day or afternoon however, I’ve found that crafting out an hour after work, once or twice a week, is magical because it gives us time to unwind, release work pressures and just indulge in the beauty of relaxation. 30 minutes in a jacuzzi and a couple of minutes in the sauna will work like magic. 

5. Meditation

Meditation is what keeps the Balinese connected, they have one flow and practice meditation in the morning and evening giving their mind the gift of stillness. You know how the proverb goes ‘You should sit for twenty minutes of meditation every day, if you’re too busy, sit for an hour’. You will only understand the magic of meditation when you try it for yourself. There’s no big investment to make. Hop over to Youtube, find some meditation music that resonates with you, sit still, listen and relax. 

6. Smile more, create your own happy vibes 

Gratitude practices are big in Bali and people say thank you a million times a day. The are in tune with the Universe, start each day by asking how they can serve and show appreciation which instills in them happy vibes which are addictive. Practice smiling more, keep a gratitude journal on your bed-side table and scribble down the little things that make you feel lucky, blessed and loved. After a week or two you’ll find yourself getting less nervous about the things that don’t matter as much as we think they do and happier about all that you have. 

7. Let Mother Nature be your kitchen queen

Mother nature rocks, she’s one hell of a female force and she gives us an astonishing amount of greens which nourish us and keep us healthy, happy and radiant. Without getting into any diet debates, all I’m suggesting is that we eat more of what mother earth provides and less processed foods. Open your arms and let mother nature be your kitchen companion and you will surprise yourself. 

That’s it. Seven simple ideas of how you can tap into your inner happiness and ‘create a life you don’t need to run away from’. You have the power to design a life full of love, laughter, joy and freedom, so hop into the driver’s seat and take charge.

Sab Mulligan is marketing exec in the Maltese islands, a yogi and a certified life coach. She is the founder of HighwaytoHappy, an inspiration hunter, story teller, a forever devotee of mama nature and a happy life influencer. Follow her on Facebook or Instagram.


I am passionate about social media and influencer marketing, support sustainability, love Malta and Danish style!


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