Can Home Be Two Places At The Same Time?

Words by Lyndsey Grima

You know the feeling you get after coming back from holiday, placing your luggage next to the front door and lying on your bed? That feeling can best be described by a few cliché phrases like ‘Home Sweet Home’ or ‘There’s No Place Like Home’. No matter how much fun you had on your trip or how much you wish you’re still there, there’s still a small part of you that is glad, relieved and comfortable that you’re finally back home.    

I experience that feeling in two different countries. As months go by, Glasgow is feeling more and more like home. I feel that I’ve adjusted well to the gloomy weather and waking up in the morning to make my own tea. Most importantly, I grew to love the sense of independence that came with moving to another country. I like making my own grocery shopping even though I have to carry it all in a rucksack on my back for a 10-minute walk to get back home. I like being the one that has to lock the house every night because it gives me a sense of control over my own life.

This is my home and this is my life and I can shape it the way I want to. I feel that I’m finding out new things about myself every day.

My little apartment in Glasgow feels like home and I think that wherever I end up next, Glasgow will still feel like home to me.

But here’s where it gets a little complicated. As soon as I land in Malta (after the humidity engulfs me!) and I see the smiling faces of my family, eagerly waiting for me, that is also home to me. Getting licked from head to toe by my dog is home. Smelling my mum’s cooking every night is home. Driving my car and heading to the beach is home. Sleeping in my own tiny single bed with that annoying ticking clock is also home. Even though it’s been almost a year since I moved away from Malta, I feel that a part of me will always be there waiting for me to return. The people I love dearly and the places I grew up in are in Malta, so how can that not feel like home to me?

For me, home is in two places. I feel comfortable, safe and at peace whenever I’m in both. I think a little piece of my heart will always be waiting for me in both Malta and Glasgow, wherever I go and I feel that’s a really really good thing.

Have you ever felt the same?


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