The BIGGEST INFLUENCER in Malta….NENA KAY currently with 84.9K Followers

Nena Kay is an Instagram GODDESS! Having professional experience in modelling and fashion, Nena has the expertise of how best to reach out to her followers. We’re here to give you an insight into Nena Kay’s life as an influencer. She even hints that there might be some big plans ahead! 

How did you start your journey as an influencer?

Since the days of the school of art I attended, I have always been fascinated by fashion and photography. I started modelling 8 years ago and, for me, that was a hobby and a way to experiment with different outfits and scenarios. After some try-outs with Facebook, I switched to Instagram, which by time, became a very popular social & fashion platform.

Can you describe your audience?

Instagram gives you the exact statistics of the engagement and the profiling of your followers. In my case, it turns out my audience is mostly female, with the age ranging from 18-40, both from the US and Europe.

How do you keep your audience engaged?

I am positive that, besides quality content – which is a must, you have to be active on a daily basis. This includes daily posting, answering back to comments and being active daily on Instagram stories. Since Instagram introduced its stories, they quickly shot to be being one of the mandatory things for influencers. They are an amazing way to interact with people.

Who’s taking the photos of you?

I work with different photographers but my biggest support and my main photographer is my sister Suzana – @suzypap. I’m honestly not sure how everything would work without her.

How are you planning to grow your following?

I would like to continue doing things with the same quality and style and keep on offering my vision of fashion to my followers. But lately, Instagram is changing quite fast, so you have to adapt and sometimes improvise. 

Do you have any big plans ahead?

Definitely but sometimes, before all is set, you cannot reveal everything 😉

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I know the future is sometimes hard to plan, but I definitely want to be in a position in which I am able to use my skills, knowledge and experience to keep on growing and expanding my work. Most of all, I want to still have fun and enjoy life to the full!

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