About that Girl Power Tee

I have to admit. I feel somewhat frustrated. It feels like the older I get the faster life goes (turning 32 in a few weeks!). Man, it’s July already! I can’t help it but feel like I’m just not doing or shall I say experiencing enough.

I enjoy my day job, I really do. I work with a company that strives to be the number one in what we do and that’s already a big deal. I get to work alongside many smart individuals I keep learning from every day. This and a few cups of coffee a day really keep me going. I’m giving my best day in, day out.

On the other hand, after 8 hours of meetings and 100s of emails all I feel like doing is to go home, put my feet up and not give a damn about the world.

So what about my side-gig? In the morning, when my energy is high, I make a plan and know exactly what needs to be done. Organise a photoshoot, write about that event I went to, the list goes on. However, during the day I get so consumed by work that I totally forget about this other to-do list. Sometimes I wonder, is my passion gone? I’m sure it’s still somewhere there buried under the piles of exhaustion and my own unrealistic expectations.

That Girl Power T-shirt

So I had an idea – I needed something to remind me that there are only a few hours a day and I can only do so much. Anything I wish to achieve in life is possible but requires patience and perseverance. The passion is there to be explored and can’t be forced. I just need to accept the fact that some days I get done more then the others.

I also figured I’m not the only one that feels like this. There are other smart women juggling work and their passion. So I created this Girl Power tee. Minimal design, 100% organic cotton t-shirt in three basic colours white, grey and black you can literally wear with anything from jeans to pencil skirt to beach shorts to remind us that we should never give up on our dreams!

Photography by Justin Ciappara/Design by Kimberly Micallef

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