4 Reasons to Travel Alone At Least Once in Your Life

Words by Lyndsey Grima

Growing up, I had the privilege of being exposed to travelling from a young age. I couldn’t be more grateful towards both my parents because their influence instilled in me a love for travel and a wish to explore different cultures and experiences. From my early teens, I remember always wanting to walk in front of my parents in a foreign city, trying to catch a glimpse of everything around me. I wanted to inhale all that there was. I did not want to miss any second of our trips. This urge and sensation is still with me today.

While it’s great to enjoy the experience of travel with someone you love, I believe that travelling on your own, at least once in your life, can be a real eye-opener. Whether you’re single, in a relationship, an extrovert or an introvert, solo travelling is for everyone.  And here’s why! 

You can go ANYWHERE!

Can you think of a place that no one wants to go but you really want to visit? Well, it’s about time you get the ball rolling. Travel to this country on your own and see the things that YOU want to see. You don’t have to visit the whiskey distillery because your friend wants to or go to an amusement park because of your little siblings.  Once in a while, it’s so refreshing to do your own thing.

Meet new people.

Sometimes, when you’re surrounded by the people you know, it’s almost inconvenient to try and meet new people. Travelling on your own can push you out of your comfort zone. Even if it’s a simple ‘Hi, How are you’, you’re still interacting with a new set of people. Talking to the locals can be so rewarding as they’ll probably recommend un-touristic places that are equally beautiful. 

You will have so many stories to tell!

You will experience so many new things that wouldn’t have been possible if you hadn’t stepped out of your comfort zone. Whether it’s trying a weirdly looking local food or going on an adventure up a mountain, you will always treasure these stories and tell them to your grandkids.

You will gain a new perspective on life.

This is the most satisfying of all. By travelling on my own, I’ve started to look at life differently, more positively even. I’ve come to the conclusion that most people are inherently good and not everyone is out to get me. I’ve learnt that conversations with strangers are the best kind and that going for a coffee by myself is the most relaxing thing on earth.

Have you ever travelled alone?


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